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Woodworm Treatment from Verminate

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What is woodworm?

Woodworm is the name for the larvae of all wood boring beetles, in the United Kingdom there are four common types:

* House Longhorn Beetle - Hylotrupes bajulus
* Common Furniture Beetle - Anobium punctatum
* Deathwatch Beetle - Xestobium rufuvillosum
* Powderpost Beetle - Lyctus brunneus

Woodworm problems are most common between May and September during their breeding season, however woodworm can occur all year round when conditions allow the larvae to exist. All of these woodworm beetles and consume wood, and then leave when they have reached maturity. Thankfully, problems associated with woodworm typically happen between May and September during the breeding season however, this is not always the case.

Woodworm Symptoms? Bore dust? How do you know if you have a woodworm problem?

Any wooden timber or beam, including furniture can be affected, wood can be infected with eggs or larvae without any noticeable signs. It is possible for woodworm infestations to remain undetected for several years. Woodworm affects old and newly constructed buildings, infact if the conditions allow woodworm to breed any wood can be affected and consumed.


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Woodworm treatment 30 year guarantee30 Year Protection Scheme Guarantee / Woodworm treatment Insurance
The Pam tie Ltd 30-year Protection Scheme Guarantee is accepted by Local Authorities, Building Societies, Banks, Housing Associations, and Architects and by property owners who want the reassurance that the issued guarantee provides them with long term total protection on the work originally carried out.





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