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Woodworm Treatment Guide

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Woodworm is a generic term which is commonly used in reference to a number of beetles, the larvae of which are able to use wood as a source of food. These beetles lay their eggs on or in timber components within buildings, their resulting larvae feeding upon the wood whilst boring tunnels within. The life-cycle of these beetles is broadly similar but there are variations in the duration of each stage in the life-cycle. The extent of attack and resulting damage will depend upon factors relating to the species of beetles, the type of timber, moisture content and length of infestation.

Woodworm treatment and identifying timber pests- not all are harmful

There are a number of wood-boring beetles that are easy to misidentify without experienced eyes or sometimes inexperienced surveyors.

The presence of holes in timber does not automatically indicate that an active wood-boring beetle is present. In some cases, the damage, usually minor, can be caused by species such as Bark Borer Beetle (Ernobius Mollis) or Pinhole Borer Beetle, commonly known as Ambrosia Beetle, (families Playpodidae, Scolytidae and Lymexylidae - many species). Usually neither of these beetles will require any form of treatment with the damage noted being historical in nature. The beetles will generally have been eradicated during the preparation of the timber for use, where drying and removal of the bark would take place prior to the timber being used.

Woodworm treatment Guide & Tips

Woodworm treatment tip 1: You can call Verminate for free and speak to a qualified and local tradesman to describe your potential problem and have an expert advise on the best action to take. Contact Verminate today!

Woodworm treatment tip 2: Adult beetles create the holes in timber when they exit between May & September, during winter apply masking tape to the holes to determine if you have an active woodworm problem.

Woodworm treatment tip 3: High humidity is the perfect environment for woodworm to appear. A timber moisture meter will when. inserted, the probe will measure the humidty. Below 10% you have a low risk of woodworm. Beetles can tolerate 12%, they prefer over 18% humidity. If you measure 20% humidity that would be a cause for concern

Woodworm treatment Guide & Tips - prevent infestations

Preventive woodworm treatment tip 1: Remove furniture and non-structural timber that is infested to avoid woodworm spreading.

Preventive woodworm treatment tip 2: Don't panic! If you can catch a problem early it can be fast and relatively easy to deal with. If you receive expert advice from Verminate we can advise on preventive measures and limit future expense.

Preventive woodworm treatment tip 3: Place Fly traps in loft spaces and under-ventilated areas to kill emerging adult beetles in the summer months. Spiders are the only known natural predator to woodworm beetles.

In many instances it is possible to eradicate the infestation using specified chemical treatments with re-entry times as low as one hour.

Woodworm treatment - Undiscovered extensive damage?

There are occasions, where the attack is particularly long-standing and severe, which may necessitate reinforcing or replacing any timbers that may have been structurally weakened. This is also likely to occur where the infestation is found in conjunction with fungal decay to the timber components. It is essential that a thorough survey of an affected building be carried out by a qualified remedial treatment surveyor. Only when the species of wood-boring beetles and extent of attack have been accurately determined, can a reliable recommendation be made as to the need for treatment.

Woodworm Treatment - Woodworm suspected? Contact Verminate for free impartial advice.

More on woodworm and treatments

Call Verminate for free impartial advice or you are welcome to call one of our local office's for a site visit where we can inspect and advise on what treatment is recommended and neccesary to prevent and limit further damage.

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If you suspect you may have a possible House Longhorn Beetle woodworm infestation please contact Verminate for advice.

Woodworm treatment 30 year guarantee30 Year Protection Scheme Guarantee / Woodworm treatment Insurance
The Pam tie Ltd 30-year Protection Scheme Guarantee is accepted by Local Authorities, Building Societies, Banks, Housing Associations, and Architects and by property owners who want the reassurance that the issued guarantee provides them with long term total protection on the work originally carried out.




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