Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm Treatment and Surveys with Verminate

Verminate woodworm team based in Dorset provides a woodworm treatment & eradication services in Dorset Wiltshire Hampshire Somerset Sussex

We offer some of the best rates without sacrificing the quality of treatment.

  • Local, long standing Dorset based business
  • Prices start from as low as £149 (including VAT)
  • Comprehensive treatment & we guarantee our work
  • Need some advice? Or a free non-obligation quote
  • Products used are permethrin or Boron
  • Both products have one hour re-entry time.

If you suspect suspect woodworm in your home or property please call Verminate to speak to a trained technician for free advice and an instant quote to quickly and safely deal your woodworm problem. Verminate takes pride in serving local people and price fairly and competitively ensuring our customers always return to us.

To find out more about treating and limiting the damage from woodworm, visit the following web pages:

Woodworm Control

Woodworm eradication from VerminateWoodworm is the commonly used term for a number of wood boring insects which lay their eggs on or in timber and whose larvae bore through the wood leaving a network of tunnels, damaging and weakening the structure.

Woodworm attack is varied – both in the type of timber which different species infest and their larval life-span which can range from ten months to 11 years. This means that accurate identification by the surveyor is the first essential step because not all infestations need treatment.

Professional Woodworm Survey

A thorough survey of the building is needed to locate the areas of active woodworm infestation. In domestic buildings it may be necessary to lift sections of floorboards and gain access to lofts and roof voids. Where timbers are heavily infested by woodworm and wood rot, and have to be cut away and replaced, our surveyor will also consider all the structural aspects of the building and will guide you through any difficult infestations.

Woodworm Treatment

At Verminate we have a range of products to treat all types of situations.

We use micro-emulsion insecticidal formulations applied by spray, brush or paste that carry very little odor and permit re-occupation of treated areas within 1 – 2 hours. The special micro emulsion formulation leads to better penetration than is obtained with the older traditional water based emulsified preservatives. It will provide the necessary control and long term protection of wood against wood boring insect infestation for many years, thereby giving confidence in any issued long term guarantee.

We apply a full bodied timber paste emulsion for eradication of wood boring insect and treatment of fungal decay. The active ingredients are Permethrin and Organoboron Ester. This product is used for the pre-treatment and the remedial treatment of timber where access is restricted or where treatment by conventional fluid methods may not be adequate.

Boron timber rods are designed to be used as implants in vulnerable timbers such as joist ends or lintels resting or embedded in masonry, or in timbers in contact with the ground. This product is used in such timbers that may be periodically or continually be at or above fibre saturation point of around 28-30%. Under these conditions Boron rods will diffuse rapidly and distribute preservatives into the surrounding timbers.

Boron brushable gel a special boron based, brushable and injectable gel, it leaves no surface residue after treatment, is non staining and can be over painted in time. This product is used in high risk areas to treat dry and wet rot as well as destroying insects.

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