Woodworm Infestion

What is woodworm?

Woodworm is the name given to the larval or immature stage of certain wood – boring beetles found in buildings. They are not wood worms but are similar to the grub or catepillar stage of a moth or a butterfly.

As an extra note that New Zealand has the same spiecies of Furniture beetle (ANOBIUM PUNCTATUM) as found in Britain. But in New Zealand they are known as a House borer

A small amount of tiny woodworm holes can make old wood more attractive but it does’nt mean that you have woodworm at the moment or the woodworm infestion could be dormant waiting for the right conditions.

Woodworm can be found in any part of your home where there is timber. If the right conditions exist for an infestion. Woodworm will attack most types of timber in your home such as, roof joists, skirting boards, floorboards, floor joists and furniture.

Woodworm beetles prefer damp conditions, especially with a moisture content over 12% or higher. When the beetle finds a crack in the timber the beetle lays its eggs and it’s the larvae that cause the damage, burrowing under the surface of the timber traveling up and down. Until pupating and hatching out, boring their way out causing the flight holes and dust everyone will see.

Woodworm Bournemouth

Woodworm Bournemouth, woodworm in loft



The first signs of woodworm are flight holes, these are circular 1 – 2 mm



For more woodworm information about these insect follow the link 


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