Woodworm Information

Woodworm Information

Hopefully this woodworm Information will help make sense how these wood boring beetle infest timber.

Woodworm life cycle explained

For the purpose of this explanation we have made the assumption that the beetle that lands on the timber is a pregnant female.Woodworm begin breeding

1. Woodworm begins breeding

After mating, the woodworm beetle lays approx. 30 to 60 eggs, injecting them into the open pores of the timber, often open grain sawed ends. Eggs are never laid onto sealed or varnished surfaces. It is common for the beetle to lay the eggs down the old “Flight holes” , and tunnels, often well below the surface. The Eggs are laid singly or in rows of two, three or four.The Egg has a life of 14 to 28 days after laying.

Woodwrm Larvae Hatch

2. Woodworm Larvae hatch

After a few weeks the eggs hatch downwards into the timber and produce larvae – this is the worm stage of the infestation. Symbiotic yeast’s enable the larvae to convert cellulose to protein in their gut, and this process is assisted by a secretion of enzyme which breaks down material to simpler sugars. Factors which contribute to the rate of Larval development are: Temperature, Humidity & nutritional value of the timber.

3. Woodworm larvae start to eatWoodworm Larvae Eat Woord & Timber

The woodworm


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