Damp and Moisture

Its that time of year again when the damp spots around the house start to appear again, this is due to several typical conditions: The weather conditions have become colder and wetter, this then has the effect of changing the way we occupy our dwellings.

The colder weather causes us to not to have the windows open as much and this increases the moisture levels in the property. Even if you do have the windows open this time of year. The extreme mix of inside / outside temperatures can cause the air inside the house to become colder and damper. This is because cold /damp air rushes in and  touches the warm walls and surfaces and this causes moisture. Just like your bathroom mirror steaming  up ( two extreme surfaces).

This helps to increase the signs of several types of Damp, rising damp, penetrative damp and condensation all to be considered the main causes of damp.

Moisture in properties is usually due to one of the above, each can be better or worse at certain times of the year mainly Autumn and Winter.

Rising damp; To follow

Penetrative damp: To follow


Condensation in properties is very common and always gets mixed up with the others, it never sounds as impressive. And no body likes to hear the causes for it. We live in a modern world with lots of devices which cause moisture to get trapped in your house. Cooking, washing up, boiling the kettle, dish washer, washing machines, baths, showers, pets and our own breath all contribute to high levels of moisture in the house. This can amount to several litres of water a day.

And during the winter months with a very insulated house and shut windows and the heating on, then their is an increase in moisture levels. This combination of heat and excess moisture is called humidity and levels in excess of 16 – 22 C cause mould spores to grow. Which is the black, brown, green looking mould found around skirting boards, bed rooms and cupboard’s, bathrooms, clothes, lounge and dinning rooms. If you do not use a fungicide spray to wipe clean the mould on the surface it occupies it just keeps coming back.(Tip).

Most houses do not have very good or any internal air flow so the moisture sits their. Even with the windows open the difference between the internal pressure and the external isn’t enough to create a constant movement of air, and you still have dead spots within the room.

Verminate does have a solution to this condensation problem and now can offer you a product, which can now create that air flow without the need to open windows. But remember its still healthy to open windows to allow fresh in and stale air out.

All properties are different and all require a survey to establish the cause of there condensation and suitability.


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