Woodworm treatment in Bournemouth and Poole Dorset

Woodworm treatment in Bournemouth and Poole Dorset

Woodworm treatment? Yes if you have that yellow bore dust falling down your rafters and joists then that’s woodworm or common furniture beetle, lots of tiny holes. This is where the adult beetles have eaten there way out of the timber. We treat properties all over Bournemouth and Poole who have pine wood roof timbers.

If you are seeing this timber attack then you need us to come and look at it for you, then we can recommend what woodworm treatment is required to treat your wood boring insect infestation.

The woodworm season in Bournemouth and Poole is off with many householders unsure of live woodworm activity calling us for a free woodworm survey

Our woodworm treatment comes with a Guarantee after each successful treatment to add the your peace of mind that your property is protected long term.

We having been treating woodworm infestations for over 20 years and have many happy customers.

So if you think you have woodworm and might need a woodworm treatment then call us today and we will happily visit you at a time convenient to you. We can even offer written reports if your looking to buy a property which is suspected of having woodworm.

Our woodworm treatment is tried and tested and is carried out professionally and safely to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Home Buyers Report Woodworm Infestation


People who need Home buyers investigations reports buying / selling their homes in the Bournemouth and Poole area are having mortgage survey reports suggesting wood boring beetle or wood boring insect infestations.

At Verminate we are hear to help you quickly deal with the problem. Our range of products are safe to use and give off no odor in the house. All internal timbers can be treated with you still in the house. Unlike DIY products which are oil based and take all day to be safe to enter a room again.

If you need help with a woodworm problem in Bournemouth and Poole then call us today we have over 16 years experience of treating the common furniture beetle and deathwatch beetle, We offer a free 30 year guarantee with all woodworm timber treatment


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Pest control Bournemouth. Bournemouth Pest control Services.

Pest Control Bournemouth

Pest control in the Bournemouth area. Verminate pest control Bournemouth is here to help you with all types of pest control issues. If you have a problem with pests and need advice or help today then call us. We have years of experience in the pest control industry. Verminate is a family owned business and has been serving the Bournemouth area for pest control for the last 15 years.

Bird netting installed by verminate pest control Bournemouth

Verminate Pest control, pest prevention services, Bournemouth

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Pest Control Swanage. rats and mice pest control swanage

Pest control Swanage

Pest control swanage, another month of cold  wet weather has seen a rise in rats and mice call outs. Our pest control services in swanage have been busy helping people remove rats and mice from their kitchen cupboards, lofts and even garages.

Pest control in swanage is easily carried out by verminate pest control a local Wareham company.

If you can hear scratching coming from the loft during the night, then you might have rats or mice in your property, then you need Verminate Pest control swanage.

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Pest control Wimborne, Pest control rats and mice in Wimborne Minster

Pest control Wimborne

Pest control in Wimborne, with the cold weather comes the flood of mice and rats into our properties. Complaints of mice and rats in peoples kitchens, lofts and garages is higher than last year. Wimborne has had exremely wet weather this year and the ground has stayed water logged.
Our pest control service has had increased call outs in wimborne due to the cold wet weather, Verminate has been able to help people get rid of rats and mice in wimborne so call the local experts.

For more help and free advice about Pest control in Wimborne call Verminate today

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Mice Increase and Pest Control in Poole Bournemouth and Dorset Area.

Mice Pest Control

Pest Mice Control. These last few weeks has seen a steady rise in the mice population in the Bournemouth and Poole areas of Dorset. These small creatures are heading for our homes and places of work looking for food and warmth in these cold conditions. Once in our properties they thrive on our food stuffs placed in our kitchen cupboards.

They have proberly entered through faulty brick work or were a pipe has been removed and not filled in. They seem to quickly make their way to our lofts, making their homes where we do not notice the damage they are making. This increased mice activity in Poole and Bournemouth has made Verminate Pest control help more customers than ever.

Any body living in other areas of Dorset like wareham, swanage ferndown wimborne  especialy in rural areas will see even greater number of mice so Pest control services are in greater need at this time of year.

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Mice Invasion

Mice nest in bait tray

It’s that time of the year again and the local mice population is moving into our homes again due to the cold wet weather conditions. My last customer thought they had elephant mice because the amount of noise coming from the loft at night. I explained that mice hoard things they collect all sorts and make little piles. Continue reading